'95 KLX250 for a friend?

I did some searches for this model & didn't come up with what I was looking for.


Virtually dent free but it looks as though the previous owner stored it outside exposed to the elements. (The picture lies.) The stealership has reduced the price to $1399.00 & says it runs good.

My pal is no stranger to dirtbikes but switched to a quad 10 years ago. (CR250R got his knee.) He's getting the itch for a bike again but wants something reliable & inexpensive, so this is what he's eye-balling right now since it's local. I've always heard that certain types of Kawi's were nearly bullet-proof with low maintenance, but I'm an XR man with little advice for him with regards to this model.

I'm guessing he's about 5'10 and around 230 lbs. Suspension lacking? Any advice about what to look for before making an offer? How good/reliable is this model for singletrack VA woods? Cheap mods available? Is the price right?

He & I are both around 40 and sporting bad knees. He's looking for reliable, fun & trail friendly... not a racer. Any insight is appreciated. :thumbsup:

Search here for "idler". It can be a problem if not watched. Also search "ACR". When fixed it makes for easier starting and will help with the idler gear issue.

Price seems too high to me unless it's like new.

Needs springs front and back for his weight. Will be on the underpowered side for his weight depending on terrain.

I got my 97 klx 300 a year ago for 1600 and it came with a supertrapp exhaust and all the free mods were done. It was a one owner, the guy was 70years old so it was babied. also came with a oversize acerbris gas tank. I should have only paid 1500, but oh well.

in your situation offer the stealership 1200 and not go above 1300 for sure.

Money will need to go into the front suspension immediately (about 80 bucks for springs) and possibly get a jet kit for the carb(10-60bucks) and larger header(150 bucks) for power reasons.

oh also, this is an excellent bike for tight single track. it is very nimble and feels very light. i'm no racer and i prefer the power delivery over the delivery of a KX, for example.

Also, some of the early Kleenex's supposedly had soft metal (improper alloy) heads, which could lead to valve troubles. I had a 96 (same exact bike) for years and never even adjusted the valves. I checked them, but they were always spot on. So, that might mean the trouble was over blown internet junk.

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