Shock Repair?

I have the chance to get a shock with the high and low speed compression dampening and rebound dampening from a DRZ\KLX. The center screw for the dampening is stripped out and I'm wondering what it would cost to repair it. I'd have changed the oil in the shock and have it recharged before I used it anyway so that cost was already considered.


I would try some one like Race Tech or RG3 as the work on them all the time and probably have all parts for it or at least know where to get it, they could rebuild it for you too.

repair and replacement parts are not available from the OEM... So you will have to find a suspension shop that has access to repair parts or a supply of good used parts (so a larger shop, Race Tech, or my Favorite MX-Tech East Coast Suspension The part can be replaced simply once the gas charge has been relieved, it's getting that part and recharging the shock that you'll need help with.

Contact a shop, figure in the repair price, looking for a better deal may end up the better fiscal choice.

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