Front brakes - steel braided lines?

The forks are off and the front brake is just hanging there. I have never been to happy with the front stopping power of my DRZ. I have bleed them more than once to make sure that the system is air free. How much will a new steel braided line help my front stoppers? (a little, quite a bit, or lots?) And what company(s) makes them, who is the best one, and where can I get it at the best price? This is the time to do it - if I'm gunna! Burned, can you get me a master off of a used newer RM or CR or something? The newer masters are better that the DRZ's - right? When I ride my friends CR450, the front brakes make mine feel even worse!! You can only ride as fast as you can stop!!

the braided line makes a big difference.i would do that rather than the master first.if you still arent happy,check ebay.lots crf and yzf being parted out for quads!master should be easy to find.

i went to a braking over size rotor also!now im happy with the brakes.i like to be able to do stoppies on the down side of jumps.stock drz brakes will not do it!now its 2 fingers easy!

I'll sell you a new Galfer front S.S. line for $40. E for details Mark P.S. That is a deal.

Hey mark is that Galfer for an RM or DRZ? If its for the RM and Phile doesn't want it I'll take it. thanks! :)

I wanted to do the same thing, but I decided to bleed it first to see if it would help. Now I can nose wheelie anywhere, anytime. You would not believe the air that came out of the bike when it was brand new. It was all stuck in the master cylinder.


Just e-mailed you, I'll take it.

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