New Bike-08 RMZ 250, New to 4 Stroke, New to Suzuki!

nice lookin bike! enjoy it. i can never find nuetral on mine either....i shift with the clutch on upshifts btw :thumbsup:

Made a proper bracket for the hour meter today as I had it in the airbox before. I made a plate from aluminium and mounted it just above the filter-carb rubber, on the top subframe bolt. Looks good. Then I went for a quick blast in the field, sods law. 5 mins riding later and I stalled, went to start the bike and the sodding kickstart lever had fallen off! The engine vibrations must have loosened the bolt. Man was I annoyed. On top of that the front tyre now has a puncture too. Hopefully tomorrow when its light I'll re-trace my riding route and find the lever. Otherwise it'll be a new lever for me. Not too sure who to use for parts in the UK, for my kx's it was easy, Kawasaki have two or three dealers with online parts viewer fiche and mail order systems, I haven't found anything like this for the Suzuki.

Love the bike dude. cant help you much on your questions, im just a new as you to four strokes.....

Right guys I don't have my manual yet so I'm looking for some confirmation here. I have a possible race on Sunday so I'm changing the oil and filter now. I have a few questions, I'm not new to engines and I'm good with my hands but this is my first four stroke so I want to know I'm doing things right. Pics to explain what I'm thinking:

In this pic of the right hand casing, I assume that the black bolt highlighted in the green ring is a fill to spill level plug? Red ring is the oil filter cover I assume also. 2 bolts.


Left hand casing, slightly more confusing, I'm assuming that the two bolts highlighted in red are the engine and gearbox oil drains, what is the black bolt highlighted in green? Is this a slow drain in case you overfill? Or something completely non lube related?


This odd drain/fill(?) bolt is confusing me, what is this? Is it a bleed for oil keyways? Or water? Thermostat perhaps?


What I'm assuming the manual procedure goes like is something like drain oil, remove filter and replace then re-fill with 1L of oil then start bike and let warm up, then re-check oil level. Are there any pitfalls here and am I on the right track? Can't wait to get the manual!

Thanks for any help. Kev.

Oh yeah and Merry Xmas!


sorry - i suppose its a bit late now as you've already found a solution if you went racing yesterday. How'd you get on (race and oil)?

Your proceedure is essentially correct although for an oil and filter change it is not 1000ml but 950ml (not different enough to worry about)

The little black allen bolt on the right side by the gear change is actually an oil screen, check this when you replace the oil. Be careful when removing this as it has a tendancy to round out the centre of the allen head.

The last picture was the cam chain adjuster, no need to touch this for an oil change.

Hope this helps


Thanks for the reply and sorry for my late one! I never raced, I had really sore pinky knuckles from some serious practice work the week before and I knew that they would be too sore to enjoy the race. With the oil changes I have found that its a little different from your info. With reference to the above picture of left hand side of bike, the black allen headed bolt is just a bolt, appears to be a small drain, it's too stubby to hold anything inside the casing. The centre bolt in that pic has an oil screen behind it, which had some fluff trapped on it (weird-don't know how that got in the oil system). The rear one is the main drain. Today I changed the oil again, and this time I drilled the two main bolts through the head with a 1mm drill and locked them with safety wire. I don't like over tightening bolts in a soft alluminium casing, but I don't trust them to not rattle loose either.

What oil are you UK guys using in your 08's? 10-40? 10-50? I was told that 10-60 fully synth was the best stuff to use, but predictably it was the man selling the oil that told me that. I'm still waiting on my manual arriving so I have no idea what they are supposed to use. It's got the 10-60 in it just now. I had a weird vibration with the bike at the track today, couldn't put my finger on what was wrong. I stopped and checked the engine mount bolts and the oil level. But it still had a noticeable vibration that it never had before, I think! It started, ran and idled fine.

Beauitful bike. I love the rmz250, hate the 450. Their great I wish i got one. Just change the oil frequently. Like once to every 3 rides depending on how long. Make shure your air filter is Cleaned and oiled every ride. If you do that your bike will last. These four strokes arent bad like the two stroke freaks say, but you do have to take care of them.

Man they are sick graphics, what brand are they cause i want some!

+1 for the DEP pipe, they haul ass

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