Should getting your fork seals replaced cost 250$

I took my bike in to get the front fork seals replaced and they said it would cost around 250$ Has any one else had this done on a DR650? The seals are only 17 bucks so not sure why the price is so high any comments?

Shouldn't cost you any more than $100 including the seals with any shop treating you fairly. If you can't do it yourself find another shop. I haven't seen any step by steps for this on Thumpertalk. Anyone?

/\ Ditto, $100 seems to be about the average give or take $10-20. The only reason I can think it's so expensive might be because you took the whole bike in and they have to remove them. If you remove them yourself and take just the forks in, should be a lot cheaper.

As above, strip the forks off the bike & give just the bare legs to the shop. (the fork legs, not your bare legs, they might charge extra for that too! :thumbsup: )

Failing that find another shop who treat you reasonably...

EDIT-: lowercasee, just seen your sig... How much of a difference does the 19" front wheel make on/off road? Thinking of maybe going 17/19 or even just 17's when Santa brings me funds... :moon:

Thumpzuki, not to steal this thread but i was going to go with a 19", but procycle pointed out that my favorite tire, the GP-1, only has one skinny size in a 19". Looking in my catalogs doesn't turn up many off road 19" ers. Maybe online would be different. Just an FYI .... and yes, pull the forks out of the tripples, it should save a bunch of money.

this is an easy step by step on how to rebuild forks, not sure if its similar to the DR ones...

its part 1 of 2, so if interested just look at the similar video section on the right hand side and the second part will be there.

also try here for a step by step (the SV650 forks are similar to the DR)

I had never done fork seals before doing them on my SV. Then I did my DR seals a few month later. It is not that difficult, just take your time and buy the OEM seals.

EDIT-: lowercasee, just seen your sig... How much of a difference does the 19" front wheel make on/off road? Thinking of maybe going 17/19 or even just 17's when Santa brings me funds... :thumbsup:

I LOVE the 19 x 2.5 for on road riding, makes the bike handle a LOT better. It feels more planted at all angles. I don't ride off-road though so I'm afraid I can't offer much input there.

Thanks for all the reply's guys. Not sure if I'll attempt a rebuild on my own here in my little one bedroom apt. but at min I'll check around on prices and pull the forks off and take them down to the shop.



might if your paying for full wheel & fork removal plus reinstall.

take the forks off yourself & then take them & new seal to an independant shop.

i get mine done for 100 buck's thru Suspension by Jake including seals and also changes ALL the oils as the YZ has twin chambered forks. that is with forks off.

Here is the space i have to work with in my apt. As you can see there is not much room for pulling tire and front forks apart. People look at me as if I am some kind of weirdo when I go out to work on my Jeep or my bike. (Lame) So this is the reason I dont feel good about doing this project myself.

Again thanks for all the feedback!




I got quoted 350.00 from an independent shop in so cal for the forks on my 01 FZ1.

I think it's more expensive to get ANYTHING done because of the area.

Jmowry, where are you located in california?

Ya I guess it could be that I live in San Diego.

I have done the film strip trick on a DR with good results.Sometimes dirt and debris get caught in the seal and cause leaks.You can take a piece of old 35 mil film and work it under the seal to clean it out.This will not always work but I would try it you may get lucky,and it can be done anywhere.I have saved tons of time by doing this instead of seals.

Jmowry what kind of exhaust is that on there I like how short it is looks cool

and as far as your fork seals try to do as much as your able to on your own in that part of cali you get ripped off for almost anything

That is just a supertrap on the end of my headpipe. The bike had a mid pipe but the guy who I bought it from had it all monkey rigged together. That being said the dam mid pipe fell off while i was going down the road. So since I have not had time to get it down to the muffler shop I have just been running it on the end of my headpipe.


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