New sprocket Old chain question

So its time for a new set of gears and chain because my rear sprocket has 5 missing teeth. I recently bought a new renthal rear sprocket and was going to order the chain and front sprocket tommorrow but anyway I really want to ride tomorrow. So, my question is, will my new sprocket get really trashed if I throw it on the bike and ride it for a few hours? Its a kx250f .....................:thumbsup::moon:

don't do it. your gonna wear it out fast.

Thanks for the response. You mean fast as in like 3-4 hours?

Guess ill just have to wait until next weekend.

The old chain will have stretched and be a completely different fit to a new sprocket. It will definately screw up the rear sprocket quickly, but not sure how quick.

I'd personally wait a day (i know, i know...) but its better to wait than to wreck new parts...

I had the same dilemma (still do till shop opens monday!) and have put roughly 1 1/2 hrs pootling on a new rear sprocket & old chain/fr sp. with no visible damage, I'm only using a £15 steel sprocket that the shop has another of in stock though so not too fussed.

Personally I think you should wait really, but that makes me a hypocrite so have a blat if you must but don't be too rough on it...

I really don't see how running it like that would be bad. As long as you have the correct chain tension it's not going to hurt anything.

Thanks guys I'm just going to wait. Can someone help me find a chain I'm. Of sure which style I need. I believe I need a xring for the kx250f? I'm looking fir a gold chain size 520.

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