Bar riser's or triple clamp Hmmmmm

What to go with.:ride:

I am a 6 foot tall perso in the B class.

has been sugested to me by two suspention guys to bring my bars up.:moon:

I bought a set of pro taper called Windom RM mid's.:thumbsup:

What should i do.:moon:

I have put washers under the bar mounts before. It is amazing how lifting them up that tiny bit makes a big difference in feel.

Bolt them on and run them just as they are. They are considerably higher than stock as is, and the bend also moves your hand position forward about an inch when mounted in the zero position. You will notice it immediately, and it may take a while to adjust to them, but after you do, you will find they make a huge difference.

Try them. :thumbsup::moon:

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

You know i forgot that when i went to the TGT subtank bars that they were there YZ bend.:moon:

I have had Windom and Henry bars and just wasn't thinking.:thumbsup:


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