qauntum of solace?

were the two white police bikes in the movie DRZs? i didn't get a great look at them but the front number plate looked like ours and i know that real police use them :thumbsup:

The police bikes looked like DRZs to me...the bike that Bond briefly rides was a Montesa Cota 4RT.


I just went to it this afternoon. The 2 cop bike might be DR's but not DRZ400 as they were air cooled.

Is the movie good? We're planning to go next weekend

They brought a special showing to the theatre on Balad Air Base in Iraq. A few of my soldiers got to see it and said it was really good. I'm going to buy a bootleg copy from the Iraqi bazar this weekend and check it out.

I've been playing the game on my Xbox 360. It good so far. Kind of like Goldeneye so many years ago. I've yet to get to a part in the game where they ride bikes though. I'm yet to see the movie so can't comment.

They looked like painted up XR400's to me.

i don't think they were DR motorcycles at all. If they were probably in the 650 range.

Personally I love Bond but this movie wasn't nearly as good as Casino Royal.

They looked like DRs I'm pretty sure. Movie was great. Casino Royale was better though

it sucks, we walked out

I wasn't sure what exact model that those bikes were, but even my wife noticed the similarity to my drz and made sure to point it out to me (pretty cool). I enjoyed the flick more than casino royal - different strokes i guess.

Just got back from watching this turd of a movie. FOR SHAME!! No Q. No cool gadgets. No cool cars or bikes or planes or snowmobiles or NUTHIN!

The new guy doesn't hold a candle to ANY of the former Bond actors. I spent the whole movie just waiting to see the bikes and then waiting to leave. I think they might have been DR650's. L-A-M-E movie IMO.


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