will trade gel lowered seat for stock seat *DELETED*

Post deleted by crashing

Id like to try it out, is it fairly new...?

The only draw back to mine for you is it has Kawasaki in small white, just in front

of the rear fender, nowhere else...

Want to meet half way between you and sac and let me test ride it first...?

How long would it take to swap and do a short test ride...?

PM me if you want to meet.

I've got a brand new stock seat. I already have a gel seat, but It'd be nice to have a backup. My stock seat was only on the bike for about 200 miles. Perfect condition. PM me if interested.

Hey Drew,

I'll swap you seats. I can send mine tomorrow if you want it--as long as I get yours soon as I'd be without a seat! I just bought the bike so I don't know how new mine is but it has no tears or anything.

Let me know.



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