07 gearing...

sorry for not searching but just had a quick question...

what ratio do i need to make 1st feel like 2nd? i do mostly dune riding so i like speed and never touch first and usually don't even touch 2nd... oh and also i'll have a different wheel set up for offroad so i'd like a little lower than dune gearing there with out changing the front sproket.

I run a 15 - 50, on the dunes its the bussiness. I still pullaway in 3nd though.

Your 07 (and my 08) WR came with 13/50 stock. General rule of thumb...3 teeth on the rear is about equal to 1 on the front (divide rear # by the front # equals final drive ration). Anyway, what stevh0 is runnings is very close to what you would get with 13/44. By the way, if your chain has enough adjustment in it, see if you can borrow a 15 from a buddy and try it.....cheaper than a new rear only to discover it isn't what you were looking for.

Use a 16 front sprocket and you'll get as close as dammit to what you're after:thumbsup:

ok so i should get a 13 front and then a 44 rear on my dune wheel and the stock 50 on my dirt wheel?

What is your current gearing?

What is your current gearing?

it's stock...

If your working with your 07 wr, then you should have a 13 front stock, 50 rear, so drop the rear to a 44 will give you almost exactly the same ratio as going to 15 front. Any more and I think you'll be over geared.

ok thanks... I'll stick with the 50 for my dirt wheel and a 44 for my paddle.

How many links is the stock chain?

How many links is the stock chain?

114 :thumbsup:

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