95 yz 125 just bought $800 good deal?

picked it up today. the back shock is blown and plastic is there. but it runs strong and starts first kick (more than i can say about the other bikes i have sitting around) tires are great. i jumped on it after have 2 or 3 bikes sold out from under me from craigslist. but was really wanting a 250. but i think this bike fits me better (5'6") 160lbs. doesn't put the fear of god in me like a good 250 can. ( haven't rode much lately, first running bike in 3 years) it looks tough, allthough it doesn't have the stikers, it's just black and white. but it is almost 14 years old. $800 seams like a good deal to have some good fun. but in the dirtbike market was that reasonable?????????? will ride it on bad shock till i have the money to replace, no big deal..:thumbsup:

good luck with the blown shock. I thought i could limp by but I got ejected from the bike several times because of the rebound :thumbsup:

Do you have any pictures of the machine? It's hard for me to give an opinion on how good a deal it was without seeing it :moon:

sorry think i'll have to break down and figure out photobucket sooner or later. looks great from 5-10 feet away

photobucket is easy just go break down and get a account its just like TT its free, then click on my album, click on download pics, then pick your pic, then click on the "IMAGE CODE", then paste it on the TT reply page.

800 is a probably about right for that bike

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