OT: OK here it is VEGIMITE

For those of you game enough to try Australia's national morning spread here is a place in Texas to buy it, its about $4 i think, 3 times what it is here, but when you want to live on the edge you have to pay.


Click on Australia's Vegemite link.

There address is



123 Alamo Plaza

San Antonio, TX, USA, 78205

Phone: 1-210-2991077

I will not be held responsible for Vomiting OR Severly distorted facial expressions.

THAT IS THE NASTIEST STUFF I HAVE EVER TRIED IN MY LIFE!!!! I do not know how you eat that every day?

No wonder your such a Handsome gent! :D

Must be the Vegimite? :)

It must have some sort of effect on labido, 8 kids? :D

I think you ought to go for the other 2 myself! :D


Many years ago I shared a house with two girls from Australia who ate that foul stuff on toast in the morning. It is just disgusting to say the least. If I remember right there was another similar product that was equally as bad, I think it was called mallimite or something like that. What's wrong with you guys RedOz?

I gave final warning already. For most Americans- if you have to remove the lid from the jar, you put on too much.

Well I guess if you can eat that stuff you could do very well on the show Fear Factor! How bad could Horse rectum taste after vegimite? :)

I can see RedOz now. Yeea, could I get a spot of vegimite on my rectum please mate? :D


My wife is Australian and she eats the stuff all the time, even feeds it to my kids. I liken it to fresh road tar. When she feels sick she will take a big spoonfull put it in a bowl with a piece bread and pour hot water over it, and eat it like soup. Nasty. The other stuff is called Marmite and Promite all equally revolting. If I happen to get some on my hands, god forbid, it feels like getting someone elses dip spit on you. I don't know how I continue to live this way.

IT'S HER IN SAN ANTONIO?!?!?!?!? I will now avoid Alamo Plaza street from now on.


Be a man not a mouse...grab a spoonful....ITS GROUSE :)


You sir, are a lucky man, Aussie chicks RULE

When I was there ten years ago, I was lucky enough to run into two girls from Perth who were on holiday on the Gold Coast and were traveling to the same cities as I was. They fed me some vegemite on toast and I must say I wasn't impressed. Luckily, everything else was good, so I looked past this minor infraction. LOL. Now your prawns are the biggest and best I've tasted, and don't get me started on VB. Aussie girls are the best aren't they?

Promite is far superior!!!

Antman, you should be an Aussie. VB, Girls and Prawns...not much more left in life LOL

OK, after all these years, I finally know what Men At Work were singing about in that song.

c'mon now. how bad can it really be?


Wash your mouth out. What is promite anyway??, A SAD SAD Imitation :)

wy4tt, it is nasty... You have to have genetic alterations to even be able to smell the stuff and live to tell about it.

I would only recommend it to my closest enemies and maybe my mother-in-law, but no one else.

last night i thought of this thread as i was watching tv. ok, i had good reason. flipping thru the channels i stopped on usa. jag was on. first thing that came out of a guy's mouth was, "what is vegimite?". lol. some other guy said, "it's this jam-like stuff in aus. tastes like diesel fuel until you get used to it." needless to say, my wife wondered why i thought it was so funny. had i explained it, her notion that this website is secretly a cult trying to infect my mind would have been further substantiated.

my wife wondered why i thought it was so funny. had i explained it, her notion that this website is secretly a cult trying to infect my mind would have been further substantiated.

I got a big chuckle out of this one. I can relate. I've actually had to withold MX info from my wife. She's like "your talking about MX again?". Thats why I do this at work.

Vegemite rocks! The secret is using a little bit (not huge amounts of it because it's salty as hell).

I'm not Australian. It's tons better than Marmite. The best I've had is something called Fray Bentos or Oxo (yes, the same company that makes the Oxo stock cubes). But that stuff you get only in South Africa (I think).



Is that the red top marmite with the friction modifiers?

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