relay connector wire placement?

Before I found a pinched wire up by the handle bars, I pulled the wires out of this connector under the L side number plate. it connects to a small relay under that rubber boot back there. I just need to know which wire goes where. there's 2 red ones, a black one, and a gray one. This picture shows the two red ones on the top, Gray bottom left, black bottom right if you're looking at the connector from the relay end and the connector latch on the bottom. I know it seems simple, but I could really use some help here.

(this is my brother-in-law's bike)

Thanks in advance, Kevin.


can anyone see the picture I posted here?

maybe that's why I'm not getting any answers.

it was here before, but now I can't see it.



i cant see any pictures. get a good one and i can compare it to my bike

sorry about all the duplicate posting. I was banging my head on the desk!:thumbsup:


Here's the original picture I posted.


i dont have that relay there. What your is your bike?

Man! Where did you learn all the electrical stuff? You always seem to know the answer. Hopefully your response does it for outofcontrol. Gas for you!

I thought it was an '05. but I'm at work so I can't check right now.

the wiring diagram and advice helps so much!!!! thank you!

this is my brother-in-law's bike, and he doesn't know anything about bikes, and I know just enough to be dangerous. I'll dive in tonight and figure this one out.

Thanks again!


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