Oil changes whilst touring?

Have any of you good people experience of oil changes whilst touring/travelling on your DRZ`s? A couple of my yearly trips on other bikes can mean 2000mls in 2 weeks, into europe, isn`t unusual. So any advice on how to go about oil changes whilst on the road?

I see it as easy enough to carry a couple of filters, but not wanting to carry the amount of oil i`m likely to need, what are the alternatives?



call into a stealer and purchase the oil of you choice on your travels , changing the oil while keeping the best interest of the enviroment in mind

Find a freindly garage owner who you can borrow a drain pan from, then buy the oil when you need it :thumbsup::moon: :moon: :

Plan to visit known biker friendly places before you go.

In Norway the NMCU (branch of FEMA) releases a calendar every year with an extensive list of biker places.

I guess FEMA or the various national organisations have a similar list for Europe.

Go to any of the listed places and you're pretty much guaranteed help with your oil change.

Or you could just ask any local biker to help you out, as I'm sure they will.

Buying the oil should be easy enough anywhere.

Not sure of over there, but here most auto parts places will take used oil. Just buy the oil there, change it in the parking lot and give it to them. Probably find enough empty oil jugs in the trash to drain the engine.

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