Flatlander Skid Plate

Hey team fun, I bought a Flatlander skid plate today and will hopefully will install it tomorrow.

My question is, how hard is it to change he oil after installing the skid plate? Do I need to remove it at each oil change. By the looks of it, it seems like it would get covered in oil while servicing if left on.

Any other tid bits of info before I install it.



You shouldnt have to remove it or trim the edge for oil changes. On mine all had to do is play with the oil filter cover until it comes out. Once you find out the position it needs to be in for it to remove its a piece of cake removing.

I just bent the part that blocks the oil filter out a tiny bit and it's fine. It does get covered in oil a little bit, so I use some parts cleaner to clean it up without removing it.

If it's the newer one you don't have to remove it. I have a older one on my wifes 250X and it SUCKS. You have to drop it to get the filter out.

I have an 05 flatland & you just need to bend it a little bit like metioned above to get the oil filter cover to clear it...Clean up isn't too bad nothing a little brake cleaner won't take care of!!

Plus The flatland can take alot of abuse!


Thanks Guys.

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