Slight Tick noise while riding under load in higher gears

My bike is an 06,

Snorkel removed, Exhaust insert removed and the Grey wire is cut.

I notice when doing 40mph in top gear and get on the throttle, theres a slick tick noise. It comes and goes every now and then. If i drop a gear its fine. Its almost like a pinging noise.

I will hear the noise in 4th gear too if im in sand.

Motor specs, Oil change every 300miles, Running Fully Synthetic. Engine has done 1800miles with no valve checking that I am aware of. I bought it at 400miles.

Bike starts and runs without any hesitation. Any time, all the time.

Any ideas?

Regardless of what it is, probably a good idea to check the valves. Although my understanding is that these bikes tend to keep their valve adjustment very well, and you will most likely find them to be in spec. A loose valve will tick at idle, not just under load. What octane fuel are you running? Sounds like a classic case of detonation (ping) under load. Try some octane boost or mixing race/regular fuel and see if it changes. If that fails, add a louder exhaust...problem solved (just kidding).

I thought it pinging too.

We run 95 Unleaded. Ive just washed the airfilter, Ill check it out soon..

Could it be that the bike is too lean?

Lean enough to ping would give other symptoms. If it runs/starts fine otherwise, probably not jetting. 95 (equal or 91 or 92 US rating I think) should be fine. More than likely just the sound your bike makes...they all have their own little noises, and unless it changes or new ones start, likely nothing to worry about.

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