YZ 250F exhaust, which one to buy

I plan on buying the exhaust on e bay to save some cash, but I was wondering what exhaust to get. I Have the stock exhaust on the bike and am wondering which one would be the best for my money. I see a lot of FMF exhaust and and I am wondering if that is a good exhaust for me. I do not want a quiet exhaust. Since I have a four stroke I wanted that deep prrrr that makes a man feel good in the morning. The bike is a YZ 250F 2001. By the way I want the exhaust to give me more power as well, I am not all fo show. I plan on spending no more than a little over $200. Please give me suggestions in any direction. Feedback is good. If i get this exhaust tell me if i am going to have to get a new header as well. And how long is it going to take me to change the exhaust.

Thanks a lot guys, I tried looking for a thread on this and could not find one.

did you try searching the yzf/wrf 250 forum itself or just using the search button? There are a few threads on this. If you're planning on spending $200 or less, ebay is your best bet. DRD makes nice systems. Too bad you don't have an 03-05. Ebay has some pretty good deals on aluminum pro's right now. I got my carbon pro new for $300 shipped.

There is a Jardine on Ebay atm very cheap for your bike. :thumbsup:

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