97 RMX250 questions?

I bought a 97 rmx250 for $100 from my friend. She just decided that I could use it better than she could. :thumbsup: She realized it was too much work and too much bike. Is there anything I should know about them? Pros cons? Common problems? I need to do a tune up and replace the clutch. Will post pics later. Any help would be great.

Thanks guys.

The RMX is pretty much bullet-proof, no real issues to worry about.

Start fresh by changing all the fluids and grease everything, if you know the history of the bike you will know if it needs a top end, if not a fresh piston and ring are a good idea.

$100.00 for a RMX is a smokin' deal-I think she is looking for something else :thumbsup:


You better pay her back like massrider said! lol

Sweet bike and deal wow!

About to add another suzuki to my stable:

If this bike is in good enough shape today, its a 2002 rm250. Alternative is a 97 rmx250 am looking at Monday...:thumbsup:

Good luck with your bike. Cant go wrong with that price

I'll give you $200 for it. Double your money. :thumbsup:

I'll give you $400.

I'll give you $400.

Hey! Back off, buddy. :thumbsup:

Here I am just trying to help a fellow out and you're horning in.... :moon:

LMAO @ you guys. She just decided she will stick to her cbr. And maybe she wants a little :moon:. We will see.:thumbsup: Back to the topic lol. What do I need to know?

Like massrider said, they're pretty much bulletproof.

A new plug once in a while, change the oil, clean the air filter, clean the exhaust valves once in a while, grease all the suspension joints once in a while, and you'll be good to go. If you're going to ride it hard, do the above more often.

If you're going to change the clutch, I'd go ahead and put a piston in, too. Bleed the brakes and install new pads; check the rotor thickness while you're there. The forks and shock probably need fresh fluid, too.

This is all just basic, routine maintenance. I'd suggest getting a manual for it if you don't have one - it will tell you everything to do and how to do it.

So I started to tear into the bike. I got the bike with parts for the clutch. I got a clutch lever, perch, cable and bearings. So I take off the cover and find this! How cool is that! The reason I thought it needed a new clutch was because I put it in gear and rolled it and it didn't turn the engine over. Boy was I wrong.

Any idea who makes it?????? I can't wait to try it.:ride::p:moon: :moon: :thumbsup::ride::lol:











Interesting. I haven't seen that before. Let us know how well it works.

I have a Rekluse clutch in my DRZ but it doesn't look anything like that. whatever it is it looks like it is in good condition and not worn out. try it out and let us know what you think.


not positive... but that looks like an early design revloc clutch.... very expensive... You probably just need to send it to me....I will test it for you


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