changes 2 my rmx250 "99 model

g'day everyone ,im enjoying this site.want2start riding my rmx 2 the locations i want 2 end up riding @,and doing w'end trips on standard i dont feel like i should be on the black top 4 2 first choice ofchanges 2 the bike would be a bigger flywheel.does any one have other suggestions, i dont want 2 spend hrs &hrs on the black top but i will encounter a bit.any help would be appreciated.thanks:


I believe your '99 is different from the models we got in the US: street legal with oil injection?

Why do you want a bigger flywheel? If you want a little more torque try tightening the exhaust valve tension spring.

Hey Speedy, welcome to TT!

Just like Uncle Alpo (UA) just posted, the USA never got a '99 RMX250. So just in case it's based on a different model, could you post a picture of it?

As far as the flywheel goes, I think that UA was right about the flywheel, which is that it should already be quiet a bit bigger than a stock RM flywheel so there may be no reason to add to it.

Have you been able to ride the bike yet?

thanks UncleAlpo and Zig06

Ok!!the deal is im about to buy my rmx250,and although they r road registrable ,ive been told that the engine wont like 2 be sitting @ 100klms/hr 4 to asking 4 advise because id like 2find out wether this is tru and because i wanted 2 join sure i'll have alot more 2 talk about once suzi is sitting in my shed!!!!andwhen i can get some help i;ll post you guys a picture of our rmx 250.cya later.thanks again ,this is pretty cool.

100kph =~62mph. I'd say it depends on the gearing and how long you're talking about running at that speed. IMO I don't think it will be a problem, particularly since the bike is road ready. I've run mine wide open for long stretches, but not for hours at a time.

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