cr 500af vs 2009 crf 450 vs KTM 250 sx

I'm getting a new bike soon, for when get stationed in Cali. next year. My choices are a Team Trubble gen 3 125 framed cr 500af. They do great work, and I've always been a big bore kinda guy so I really like those. A new crf 450f. These bikes are nasty sick, and Id really like to get ahold of one. I haven't ridden a new four stroke ever and Ive heard they have come leaps and bounds. Or a ktm 250 xc. The old reliable 250 pinger, quick turning and plenty powerful with electric start and versatile suspension.. Ill be using the bike for dunes, some trails, some freeriding, and it'll see supermoto duty now and then with a rim and tire swap.I'm 6', 180 pds and a fast b level rider. What are the pros and cons and what would you guys do if it was your money? oh and ignore the 250 sx in the title I meant xc, I was talking to a friend and not paying attention

the 450 will be best on supermoto and just messin around, the 500 will be alil more powerfull in the dunes and the 250xc will be the best in trails, so it just depends on what your doing the most....if i where you id get a 450...those things are undescribably sick! wont need any more than a 450 has to offer...but beware if you dont maintain a 450 like it needs you will pay the price....but if you do mainly trails, i would def go ktm250xc or if you can handle the power get a 300xc. hpoe this helps


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