Some pics of my ride

Just finished cleaning my bike's so thought I would share some pics. The drz is starting to make me do naughty things, only 300 miles to go until first service :moon: can't wait to finally have the thing full throttle :moon:

The GSXR has just had its polish and is going away for the winter :thumbsup:





Cool, they look like twins.

Nice looking scooters!

you should see what they get up to when the garage door is closed :thumbsup:

Bike looks great! Any future mods planned?

nice bikes

u had better bolt it down well as there is a lot of them being stolen at the moment , both are nice bikes hope you keep them long enough to enjoy them.

Bike looks great! Any future mods planned?

My only plan is an R&G tail light and fender conversion. I use the DRZ for commuting so my main concerns are MPG and reliability.

The GSXR is modded for power with a Racefit exhaust and PCIII with full map.

I am not too worried about them being stolen as my garage is tucked away from sight, and I live down a very quite col-de-sac. The only thing that is slightly concerning is they are building some retirement properties at the back of my garage so I am trying to keep my bikes out of sight of the builders.

the drz mod fever is inevitable.

Two very nice looking bikes... :thumbsup:

Two very nice looking bikes... :thumbsup:

Thanks :moon: I am considering selling the GSXR next year, its a fun bike but I find the temptation to go silly speeds too hard to resist, where as I think the DRZ is lots of fun how ever fast or slow you go.

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