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Newbie and CB100N Project

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Hi all,

I haven't posted before so I thought I'd introduce myself and one of my projects.

I've owned a CB100N for the last 10 years that has turned out to be a bit of a long term project. I bought it off a friend becuase I wanted an old single cylinder 4-stroke. It had been messed with and looked a bit sorry for itself so I stripped it and started doing 'stuff' to it.

I've had the engine rebuilt and displacement increased to approximately 200cc. Everything has been modified on the engine so hopefully, it will be a nice little performer. I've also modified the wheels with alloy rims, chromed hubs and stainless spokes. The mechanical front brake has been ditched in favour of a custom disc, hydraulic brake.

Now I have 2 18" wheels instead of the standard 18" front and 17" rear. The new rims are nice alloy jobs and should give the bike a bit more presence. You need fat tyres to go with chunky rims so I'd like to run a 3" x 18" front tyre and a 3.75" x18" rear. I just need to see what's available and what I can get to fit the frame. I'll need to lengthen the swingarm and fit longer shocks so everything sits and works right so there's a bit of experimentation necessary there. I'll have to lengthen the stand as well.

So I have a few things still to sort out.

1) Find a carburettor that will work well with the modified engine

2) Make a custom exhaust

3) Find tyres that look and perform well

4) Find longer rear shocks to accommodate the bigger rear wheel and tyre combination.

5) Give it a mad paintjob to complete the look I'm going for.

It is a project of extravagance and I'll never be able to justify the amount of money spent on it but it's fun and it keeps me out of trouble.

Does anybody have any carburettor, tyre and exhaust suggestions? I'd like to make a tuned exhaust but I don't know how to (yet).


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