chain & sprockets

I have 240hrs (no spedo) on my 01-E W/ the factory chain & sprockets & my rear sprocket teeth were getting thin, yesterday I noticed that 90% of the teeth broke off.

My chain looks good, it's on the notch before #4 on the adjuster

Do I need to replace everything or can I get away with just the rear sprocket?

My front sprocket is getting thin, so I'll probably change that soon, or do I have to replace everything at once?

If they are that trashed I'd be doing all of them.

Replace the chain to?

90% of the teeth broke off

Change the lot.

Length (the number the snail cam is adjusted to) is no indication of chain condition.

Look at it this way - if you replace just the sprocket(s), and then in a few months everything is getting all worn down together, you'll wind up having to replace everything at that point. Chain and sprockets is a cheap replacement overall, my vote is to do them all at once - then you KNOW that you did it right.

BTW, I replaced my stock chain/sprockets and thought it was pretty easy. I got a DID X-ring chain (those x-rings are supposed to have about 30% less rolling resistance compared to a o-ring). I had to tighten it twice, then it hasn't stretched a bit now for a long time. Wow, I was so sick of adjusting my chain when I had that stock one...I'm lovin this chain!

Change it all, if the sprockets are worn that bad the chain is toast also. I have been having very good luck with the Primary Drive Gold (I forgot if it is an O or X ring) setup I got from Rocky Mountain, The price is better than anything else out there and I have only adjusted it once in ~2k mi.


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