What's a good bar setup to buy for not an insane amount of money? I was looking at the fast50s triple clamp, bmx bars, pplied's throttle.. Does anyone run this? If you have any other suggestions let me know..

I just orderd the BBR kit from chaparral. They have it for $199. I comes with the triple clamp, bars, throttle assembly, carb cap, cr style kill switch, throttle and break cables, and it even comes with new grips. From what I could find the BBR kit is the most complete kit out there, and then the price makes it that much better. I saw some that had just the bars, triple clamp, and throttle for $239. sells the bmx and the mx conversion kit which includes triple clamp, bars, billet throtle, and kill switch, bmx is 209.99 and mx kit is 249.99 both are awesome kits....

if you havent already got a kit you should get the Sik50 BMX clamp, it is awesome lookin and the bars are great too. the kit has a billet throttle billet clamp and bars.

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