2007 450 sx-f light kit???

I was wondering if there is any way to install a light kit on a 2007 450 sx-f. I managed to slip by the DMV and get a road title for it. There are killer single track trails by me and i'd like to just hop on the bike and go. Any info would be appreciated.

contact Dale at Dual Trick sport...

thanks jon iwas just on their website and i'm going to call tomorrow.:thumbsup:

I was looking at Sicass myself, but can't figure out why their kits cost significantly more than their individual parts.

You will need to either add a heavy flywheel weight or new HO stator (both availabale from Trail Tech) to have enough extra power to safely run the lights.

The stock stator will power the lights, but will not have enough left over to keep the battery fully charged. And without a kickstarter and the ignition run off the battery and not directly from the stator bad things can happen if the battery gets weak.

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