Best youtube ive ever seen

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Link no worky.

Sick video, that family is crazy

I like the part where his Mom says, "we are not a family, we are an amateur race team..... On race day Justin is a jerk, but that's OK, he's just getting his game face on" No wonder these kids are so screwed up and think the world owes them.

^Exactly, I was shocked when both his parents started saying that. Does anyone know if he won, if he did it would have been better if he wasnt crying before the start of the race because his front brake wasnt working. It would have been classic if he would have said to the camera right before the start of the race "It dosnt matter im still going to win this" and he actually did!

It ended when it started to get good?

he's a prick

It ended when it started to get good?

I know is there a second half?

You can be good and win every race, it still dosnt give you a reason to be rude to anyone, especially your parents.

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