DRZ 250 Supermoto

I am looking to buy some supermoto wheels for my 01 drz 250. warp 9 has a set for the drz 400. Does anyone know if these will fit on the drz 250?

No. They have different hubs. For a DRZ250 you will have to have wheels custom built. Expect to pay around $1100

I don't know about the front wheel but the back wheel swaps right out with my DRZ400. The rear hubs do seem to be identical.

That's good to know. Thanks.

The front wheel won't fit, the forks are not wide enough.

I want to do this to my DRBZ and I think I will just spoke a rear 18" rim for the front and should be able to fit a tire between the forks.

I have a brand new set of supermoto wheels. They are made for an 03 drz 250 and use stock hubs. I have the large rotor and fender too. I bought them for my wife but we had a baby and the bike just sat so I returned it to dirtbike status.

96 up dr650 front wheel works plus some early rm 125/250 wheels

96 up dr650 front wheel works

Does it, now? I've read on ADVrider that the first-gen SV650 front wheel bolts to the DR650 with little effort; that and a DR-Z400SM rear would give you a SM setup on a DR-Z250? Seems too good to be true!

(Trac, sent you a PM.)

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