R / X Swingarms Interchangeable?

What swingarms are interchangeable between the CRF models? (years, R/X, 250/450) I'm watching ebay for a cheap one, and more options always help. bikebandit.com shows different part numbers for pretty much all of them, but I can't imagine all other models not fitting my bike (05 250X).

Come on, I know there's someone out there that knows...

check out the part numbers and see if they match, you can do this at several place online, service honda for one.

if that doesn't get you anywhere I think I have both x and r model swingarms in the garage, and could compare them for you.

I have a 05X and 05R here and i do not see any differences.

I checked part numbers online, and all I checked were different.

I don't think the p/n tells the whole story, but it would be hard to say without side by side comparison or tech diagrams.

They started out using the cr125 swingarm and at some point switched to using the lighter 250r, 06 I believe.

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