wr426 cam timing

rode today & met one of the local top flight boys here in east anglia. first ride on the bike that he picked up on thursday.

he's the local enduro guru, yz last year & wr the year before. sets them up, tunes them, preps them.

"the bike has definately got retarded cam timing"

so USA unless you have a different bike & you believe know-it-all, the answer is that THE 2001 WR426 DOES NOT HAVE YZ426 CAM TIMING.


OK so would someone please just YZ time their wr426 and let us know how it does. ummmm but, well, ahhhh, not me first ok.

I did it last night.

01wr426 was 13 pins between the marks.

I set it to the requisite 12 pins ala. yz.

With the airbox cover off, pasta die out of the exhaust, throttle pin cut, it feels a little softer on the bottom now- with a slightly more pronounced mid-upper hit.

Not really as dramatic a change as I expected...

Although I was just on Bryant st, I will try it in the hills this wknd.

Any reports on Stonyford or Middlecreek?

Is there a national at Hollister this wknd?

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