Posting your bikes features

I happened to notice on another post Dethwshbkr and Dewitt don't like us posting the features we have on our bikes or at least get tired of seeing it.

I happen to find it very imformative and veiw it as strolling through the pits at a race checking out bikes except it's way more conveinent as alot of times the guy isn't around to ask where he got the product your interested in.

This way you simply pm the guy and can find out price, performace, how he likes it and so on. I found it useful a few times already and bought products because of this and on occasion had a few pm's myself.

So by all means please post your bikes features. Like any other post this is just my opinion and surley others will agree with them.

Emig 20mm Offset Triple Clamps, Works Connection Clutch Perch with thumb hot start, Henry Black Pro Taper Bars, Scotts Dampener, Stop watch in bar pad, Pro Circuit Ezy holeshot, Motoxxx Graphics Kit, Works Connection Engine Guards & skid Plate, EK O ring Chain, stealth 51 tooth sprocket, Goodridge braided brake lines front & rear, EBC 280mm front disc, EFM Auto Clutch, Pirelli M32 Tyres, Aceris Flag Hand Guards,Raised seat foam, Fastway Low Boy Footpegs, Modifyied Rear Brake Lever, Lots of anodizing, Suspension re-valve by Dirtworks.

Wheeew. I am going to sell a kid so I can afford a new Talon Excell wheel set :)

If my bike ever gets stolen i will be able to check back here to find out what i had :D

See this is exactly what I mean.

Red OZ

Whats your Motoxxx Graphics Kit look like? Did you ever post a pic of your bike? I want to either make my bike into the all white Ibike kit from one industries or just go white fenders with different schroud graphics and since your from a far away land I figured they might be graphics we don't have over here.

Noticed that you run an EK chain too. There not very popular over here but I think it's a great chain with those holes drilled in for heat displacement I guess and to lighten the weight a little. Like the fact too you can get them nickel plated (which I have) since they won't rust then.

We have most of the graphics you have Huffa, it is actually cheaper to get them made though. I am going to get my own made. I am spnsored bu Castrol, NGK and a few others so will get a kit made. I love the RK (Sorry i said EK) as well it is very strong and i have not adjusted it since i put it on.

Here are some random pics i took before i went riding yesterday.











My 02':

Red Applied Racing 22mm off-set top/bottom T-clamps rubber mounted over sized bar mounts with CR high Fatty bars, Gold DID ERV-2 chain, Custom case Saver, Red custom rear chain blocks, Front/Rear Excel Complete Set-up(black rims,Gold hubs/Bull Dog over-size spokes), Works Conection (Rad. braces,engine guards,Skid plate), BBR Silencer(Gold), Vortex front/rear sprockets 13/51,PC air box Kit,Twin Air filter,Kouba pilot screw

My 03':

<font color="brown">DID ERV-2 Gold Chain, Gold Excel rims(Bull Dog over-sized spokes)

I Love my bikes!!! :)

Look below. :)

Red Oz

Some one said on my worst post that those fastway footpegs pack up with mud and get really slippery. Have you found that at all to be the case?

Also might know someone interested in rear sprocket like your's but thought I heard of them braking at the rivets. Am I thinking of the one you have or possibly another brand?

What do you mean about the brake pedal that you modified?


i agree with the excells and talon hubs! just too much money for the aesthetically pleasing value. forgot to put renthal soft compound grips and renthal sprockets, and spark arrestor for the TA (Krizman) on the list below.

I don't hate it, it just can get annoying. I don't mind it though. Don't hate me!

Here would be mine as of last year -

2001 KTM 520SX - 18mm Oberg Offset clamps, Talon hubed 18" rear whee (I blew my old one!) and nothign else - who needs add on's with a KTM?!!

As of this year -

2001 KTM 520SX - 18mm Oberg offset clamps, Talon hubed - Bulldog spoked 18" rear wheel, MX-Tech fork revalve, Carbon Fiber works GRIP frame guards and carbon chain guide, TOPAR racing clutch and counter shaft sprocket guard, RK Racing chain massive chain, TITAX 15/51 sprockets, ASV Inventions unbreakable hinged brake and clutch lever, and SoCal Decal custom decals. (Gotta keep the sponsors happy!)

How's that?

No one hates you for having an opinion. Your entitled to it! Thanks for posting.

Hey Huffa.

I love the Fastways, i think the other guy had the permanent pin ones. I have the long studs in and it is fantastic. I have many people ride my bike because of the auto clutch and the first thing they mention when they come in is the footpegs and the suspension....then the clutch LOL.

I have had that Stealth sprocket on for about 40. It has not worn one bit. I guess they may break, but i have friends that have broken many other kinds as well. I give it a fairly hard time and it has stood up well. I have never seen one break, although i am not saying they don't.

I had the brake pedal lowered about 25mm, i like a fly to land on my brakes and they lock up, in other words very very light. As it was there was about 10mm of travel before the brake would lock. I like to basically break with my big toe. So lowering the end (toe) allows me to adjust it much tighter without the toe coming up and hitting the clutch cover.

Hope this helps.



02 with: Race-Tech suspension with Gold Valves, Works Connection clutch lever/hot-start assembly, WC skid plate, WC alum throttle tube, FMF Titanium PowerBomb header and Ti4 silencer, Ironman sprocket, RK 520 "O-ring" chain, Azonic Double-Cross bars, Pro Circuit bar mounts, Kouba "T" handle, Power Now, Cycra vented front plate and vented front fender, Twin-Air filter, Engine Ice, Dunlop 756s. (Sorm link coming soon)

Hey Huffa-

I wanted the all white IBike kit too. We had a local pro who got it and it was georgous, gor the first ride. After that, whatever kind of dirt he was riding that day was ground into the plastic by his legs. S\His bike is mostly orange now from riding at Cycle Ranch (VP fuel's track), because it is a reddish sand track.


i have also heard that dirt can mark up the ibike graphics kit, but i went ahead and bought it anyway. i have had no problems with it being stained. i ride mainly in southern illinois and missouri, the dirt here doesnt seem to stain it at all. i also have black excel rims set with black hubs, and also black upper and lower triple clamps. throw a little mothers polish on your frame to finish the package off and it looks unbelievable. gets comment everywhere i go. i may only be dominant in the "c" class, but at least it looks fast, haha.

Oversize Wave Rotor, CR250 Twin Chamber Springs, Cycra Vented Front Fender and Number Plate, Fastline Stainless Steel Front and Rear Brake Cables, Faaast Bar Inserts, Tag T2 CR Double Hi Bars, Acerbis Hand Guards, Boyesen Flexgrip, Dr. D Hotstart, FMF Clutch Perch, Fastway Clutch Bracket, RG-3 20mm Offset Triple Clamps, Vortex Programable Ignition, Amsoil Factory Connection Graphics, SDG Tall Seat, 03 Cam, White Brothers Ramsey Exhaust, Works Connection Holeshot Device, Michelin Starcross MS-2 Tires, Devol Radiator Guards, PC Seal Airbox Kit, Twinair Filter, Storm Linkage, Fastway Chain Adjust Blocks, Fastway F-3 Pegs, DSP Carbon Fiber Glide Plate-Engine Guards-Rear Caliper Guard-Chain Guide-Frame Guards-Rear Disc Guard-Case Saver, Kouba Fuel Screw, Engine Ice, Renthal Sprockets 13t-51t, DID ERT Chain, Braking Brake Shoes, Renthal Soft Grips, Shorty Gastank Vent, Works Connection Aluminum Throttle Tube.

Just look down.

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