97 ktm 50

so I bought a 97 ktm50 for my son last night, and it seems to be in good shape. starts and runs good. was wondering if anyone knows what kind a pro's and cons are on this bike. any info is appreciated. thanks:ride:

also was wondering if anyone knew what other years of parts would fit this bike?

im pretty sure your 97 was like my 99, is the tank shroud plastic the actual tank? is it a ktm pro senior or junior? or is it a senior adventure or junior adventure etc? have any pics? does it have a 12 front wheel?

is it air cooled or water cooled? lets find out what model it is. and im sur ewe can help you im pretty sure your 97 was like my 99.

yes the shrouds are the tank,air cooled,and it's a pro junior. it has 10"wheels front and rear.

yes the shrouds are the tank,air cooled,and it's a pro junior. it has 10"wheels front and rear.

OK it has that HUGE head it was just like our i bet,

cons would be rear shock, leaked even right after rebuild, will sag very fast, stator problems, and leaky petcock from plastic flex on the shroud.

other then that it was a very solid little bike, top ends seemed to last longer then the newer water cooled ktms. if he jumps it a ton or huge jumps, watch out for the frame inspect before and after every ride, look for crack in the welds and the neck and stress cracks along the bottom of the cradles, also look for cracked motor mounts.

overall i give those old air cooled ktms a :thumbsup: they are pretty bullet proof and like a said top ends lasted a long time for us, i bet between my son and his friends riding it all the time it had over a good 60 hrs on it before i rebuilt it and it already had bad rings cause it smoked when we got it pretty good, and it just kept running and running and running,

i kinda actually wanted them to KILL it so i could do a rebuild, never happened so i just did new piston, and as far as a i know the DAD i sold it to his little 7 yr old girl rode it for a year and now his 4-5 yr old is starting off on it. and he hasn't had any problems.

thanks alot. was also wondering if there is some kind of oil thats supposed to be in the side case and how do you check it?:thumbsup:

I have a 1999 and I believe the other is a 1998 there pro seniors though, they both get stuck at high revs when started despite me changing out the slide/spring. Im not sure if this will be a problem on your bike but just thought i would add that in there.

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