goodbye and thanks.

well the drz is now sold so im just sayin a fond farewell to all on thumpertalk as ive moved on to another bike now. This forum has been a great help to me over the last year so a big thanks to you all and safe riding:ride:

Cheers, rickyp!:thumbsup:

Enjoy that new KTM 690smc.

What bike did you get to replace the DRz?

Never mind.

didnt get a ktm!lol

got a gsxr 750

felt the need for speed did you? Have fun with the new bike

drz is a great,fun bike but.... its just not fast enuff!

For the difference in insurance and taxes, in the states, you could probably build a 470 that would eat the gixxer. Just caught myself in time from going dualsport or rocket to get on the SM train.

Come back & watch what happens when Suzuki releases the upcoming DRZ500 SM, aluminum frame, 6 speed, with factory forged wheels, and of course an MCCT. Bye!

What? No EFI?

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