pants and glove recomendations for 7000 mile trip

I graduate from HS january 30th and I am planning to ride to ensenada to run the baja 1000 course and visit friends in pheonix and atlanta on the way. I need a pair of pants that will protect me from roadrash and all the elements and is comfortable to wear all day everyday. Also a pair of gloves that can withstand rain, wind, be tolerable from 20-80degrees F, and offer me good protection.

any thing better these pants I found? I need them to be tolerable for any temperature from 20-80degrees F.

You will see temps much greater than 80 degrees.

I think you will be better off with a vented pant and a rain pant to wear over it for rain, wind and cold. Maybe Long Johns. Better yet maybe you need 2 suitable pants.

See the road boards for road clothes.


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