WR250 vs XT250 vs TTR230

Hi there,

Im in a bit of a pickle about the XT 250!

I have an 03 WR 250 that I was going to give to my wife but Im wondering if I should just sell it and buy her an XT! She is very fit and mad for throttle so I dont want to get her something she will be board on after a few months. Also I ride a WR450 and want her to be able to keep up. She is a little short in the leg and struggles with the height of the WR.

I was thinking of getting her a TTR230 but it doesn't come with a headlight or anything like that but thats not a big issue, its 20 cc's smaller than the XT and like I said I dont want her getting board! A lower version of the WR250 would be just perfect, is that what the XT250 is? Is the engine as powerfull? Any advise or info would be appriaciated.

Rob,,,, {",}

wr250r hands down

WR, for sure. The others will leave her wanting more. As for that, the WR may very well leave her wanting more...I love it, but I have long since satisfied my power craving, and I still have bigger bikes. Drop the rear link, and slide the forks.

Good luck.

If you ride a WR450 it sounds like you are talking about green sticker bikes and not plated bikes. So the WR250F will drive the pants off the WR250R and be much lighter if you are looking at an offroad only machine.

Should be able to lower the seat height with a link, slide the forks, and possibly shave the seat foam

To answer your question, the WR250F motor and the XT250 motor are two completely different engines, with the WR250's motor making way more power.

And just to clarify the WR250R motor is also totally different

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