WR 450

does anyone have any experience on the new WR 450 as i have just ordered one as a second bike to me zook but would like to get any info good or bad on the blue beast before i hand over all me cash any advice please !!!! :)

I have a 02 DRZ400e as a buddy bike. I sold my 02 Yamaha WR426 and hope to have my 03 WR450 this week. Check posts on TT's Yamaha forum, there are a few reports. I like both the DR and WR426 a lot. Each have their good and bad points. I truly believe the WR450 will have most of the best of both. I'll know after I get mine and get some riding time on it.

Hey JP, is that a 92 RM125?

I owned one before and it is already sold. :)

I am interested to find out how you guys like the 4 spd tranny.

I know it saves weight and all but sometimes I wish I had a 6th gear when I get on the straights. I find myself shifting just to make sure I'm in 5th.

Sounds like a great bike though. Something to roost them Honda's with.

wr is 5 speed,yz is 4 speed.

Jim, I'm keeping my DR as a buddy bike too.

That means I'll allow one of my goofball friends or even worse a relative to ride my bike. Just what I need more bent handlebars.

I tell them when they crash to throw themselves underneath my bike.

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