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hi, i'm looking for a way to swap from my overbar mount on my exc 300 to a submount, i can only find the brp and the scotts one, i like the look of the brp one but at the moment to post it to me in the uk brp are wanting to charge me $83 for a $79 part. :thumbsup: i would also welcome the rise in bar height this would give as i'm feeling a little cramped at the moment, any suggestions to do this any cheaper would be appreciated.

heres my setup at the moment




We should be able to ship that via USPS express mail international for $25-30USD. Its not cheap but there is a fixed cost to get something shipped. We also can discount the submount bracket and link arm below retail. I believe you will need a non stepped link arm if you go to the sub mount. If you are interested let us know.

If you don't mind me asking, how come your stabilizer unit is not gold?

Whats the black knob on the bars? Broady knob?

Whats the black knob on the bars? Broady knob?

GPS mount.:thumbsup:

Where did you get the throttle cable guide?:thumbsup:

Hey fixerman,

I directed James and Matt from Scotts to this thread. They told me that they can help you out but you will need more than originally thought as your setup doesn't appear to be correct for your bike. They said that you appear to be running the 3-hole hard parts clamps and unfortunately, you are using the cast bar mounts with that and that is incorrect and causing the the tower pin to just barely fit in the link arm slot where as it is supposed to be centered. This could be causing serious damage to the stabilizer. I shot you an email with more info. That should be all you need to get this stuff corrected.

thanks for all the replys, currently havin a rethink, i may sell the scotts and just buy a gpr instead, seems much easier, i had one on my 06 400exc.


GPR does make it easy. Several for sale at any given time used, A new V4 is for sale here in my town by a friend of mine in orange under bar style an older under bar is for sale on the other site right now.

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