WR250 vs XT250 vs TTR230

Hi there,

Im in a bit of a pickle about the XT 250!

I have an 03 WR 250 that I was going to give to my wife but Im wondering if I should just sell it and buy her an XT! She is very fit and mad for throttle so I dont want to get her something she will be board on after a few months. Also I ride a WR450 and want her to be able to keep up. She is a little short in the leg and struggles with the height of the WR.

I was thinking of getting her a TTR230 but it doesn't come with a headlight or anything like that but thats not a big issue, its 20 cc's smaller than the XT and like I said I dont want her getting board! A lower version of the WR250 would be just perfect, is that what the XT250 is? Is the engine as powerfull? Any advise or info would be appriaciated.

Rob,,,, {",}

The wr is much faster then the xt. but only after it is uncorked. The xt is air cooled and reliability is sweet. As for the ttr it is a play bike if you think she can fit in the wr get it. They do make a lowering kit for them as well.

No offense to zuch, but even straight out of the box the WR's DOHC 250cc liquid-cooled titanium valved engine is considerably stronger throughout the rpm range than the XT's SOHC 223cc air cooled engine. And the XT's suspension is very entry-level compared to the WR's with about 3 inches less in front and 5 less in the rear.

Both fine machines in their own right; the XT's seat height is about 8 inches less.

I think this will be a good comparison between the two: HERE

I've ridden both, on paper the WR has more than twice the power of the XT, and you will know it the minute you crack the throttle on the XT.

Also the XT's suspension, frame etc is very oldschool, the WR is lightyears ahead in every category.

If she is 'throttle happy' like you said she will get bored real quick on the air-cooled motors--the WR 250 is much faster---I agree with the others--why not get a 'lowering link' so it will ride lower for her and feel more stable--Brian

I agree with above comment. If the bike is good, the rider can gain experience and confidence in the bike and learn to use its capabilities. What you can to do to help with the situation is: get a lowering link, get very good tires to help with the confidence thing and safety (if you have to skimp, get a good tire for the front because that's the one you balance on), get the suspension set up for her riding weight, and tell her to ride keeping her feet on the pegs, weight leaning forward and some pressure on her feet, sort of just shy of getting up off the seat. That's what I call attack posture and ready for action. Go do some practice drills with her like the front wheel lock up and skid in first gear, and the stand and turn drill (both left and right), and the stand, go, stop, start without putting your foot down. If she's already got a year plus riding time in, then go out to one of the fast trails you like that is a little technical but gets up to at least 3rd gear, and just have her follow you, and tell her to watch the lines you take. Now, you take care and choose good smooth lines, and don't just blast and get way in front so she can't see what you are doing. Then go do the same loop again, but let her lead. Don't stop her when she misses something, let her figure it out. Then when you get back to the truck, talk about how fun it was, where you overshot a turn, and what went right. Its a great way to learn, have fun, and enjoy the day. The WR is the way to go, don't even mess with the XT if she's already riding the WR. Another alternative is find someone who will lend you say a DR200 for a ride. My daughter loves the little DR because its not intimidating, but she is a rank beginner. My son loves the YZ250F and so do I. Good luck and sure wish my wife could ride.

I taught my son how to ride that way, and now when I follow him, its like watching me in a movie. But the thing is, he can choose good lines, knows when to attack an obsticle, and rides smart and smooth.

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