WR250 vs XT250 vs TTR230

Hi there,

Im in a bit of a pickle about the XT 250!

I have an 03 WR 250 that I was going to give to my wife but Im wondering if I should just sell it and buy her an XT! She is very fit and mad for throttle so I dont want to get her something she will be board on after a few months. Also I ride a WR450 and want her to be able to keep up. She is a little short in the leg and struggles with the height of the WR.

I was thinking of getting her a TTR230 but it doesn't come with a headlight or anything like that but thats not a big issue, its 20 cc's smaller than the XT and like I said I dont want her getting board! A lower version of the WR250 would be just perfect, is that what the XT250 is? Is the engine as powerfull? Any advise or info would be appriaciated.

Rob,,,, {",}

get her a lowering link for the WR250. slide the forks up. problem solved

This might sound crazy, but if you don't mind a dirt only bike, and going red, a Honda CRF150R might fit her nicely. Not to be confused with a CRF150F, the R is a race bike (and a four stroke), and if she can handle it, she should be able to keep up with you better than she would on an XT250.

The XT250 has no relation to the WR250 except the Yamaha name. It is much fluffier and slower. Probably a nice bike for what it is, but it sounds like she is ready to go faster.

The biggest difference between the xr and xt is the amount of travel in susp., the motors are very similar with exception of xt is air cooled no radiators. It would depend a lot on what kind of riding you are doing, it would be good on trails and normal offroad stuff, mx and desert racing not so much.

I like the idea of the CFR150R. I think a WR250 might be a little much, just the overall size. Although we don't know the height of your wife. That would help a lot. Like my wife is 5'0" and a CRF150R is even a bit big for her with no riding experience. I would look at seat height and bike weight as biggest factors. Tell us how tall she is and you'll get better results, and how much riding experience she has. the TTR-230 is a great bike to learn on and be able to ride for a couple good years.

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