400 exc deal?

A buddy of mine at school is selling a 2004 KTM 400 EXC, it runs good, but has no title, but only needs a rebuild kit for a clutch master cylinder. He's asking $2000 for it straight up.

yes, good deal

yes, good deal

Yes, very good price but you'll have a hard(er) time selling it yourself (unless you also sell to a friend). People who don't know you will be put off.

Still at the price, probably not an issue but you could check into whether you can get a replacement title. If you friend once had the title, maybe get a bill of sale from him and see if you can get a new title from the state.

alright, im not looking to sell this bike, ive been lookin for a bike as a keeper to go trail riding. idk if he ever had the title b/c he's the second owner

get a bill of sale or get the right form from your state DMV and have him fill it out at time of purchase so you CAN get a title for it.

how much of a struggle would it be to get a title for it?

I beleive every state has a lost title proceedure, very easy and you do not want to give him $2K then have the police come pick it up saying its stolen

yea, me and my dad were talking it over as he is a retired cop, i think im gonna save up and buy a 450 exc and make it street legal and use it both trail/tarmac cause i also have my play around 125 and my vintage trials project

There are tonz of sweet, already titled EXC's for sale all over the country right now. Do some searching.


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