ice & snow riding?

Went riding on the snowmobile trails yesterday, found out that all of us are much faster in the tight and whooped out trails than these expensive sleds. Awesome, thay talk soo much trash around here. But I found out one scary thing, After riding for awhile, my brakes stopped working, and at 40 mph they need to work. My guess is that they froze up or slicked over with ice once they got warm. Anyway to prevent this, I put the stock cover on the front and that helps alittle on the trails but in the deep stuff?

Ya might try draging the brakes a little to get some heat into them. I do that unintentionally in the woods in the summer. I boiled my brakes. Gotta keep that foot off the pedal. But in the winter a little heat would be a good thing. I dont know of anyway that you can keep them dry.

Its amazing that the sled guys dont / wont believe that a bike can run with them in the tight trails.

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