RHS Crank Seal ?'s

How do I get the primary drive gears off? The manual says to just pull them off, but they seem to be on their pretty good; it almost appears to be threaded on.


Also, Which way is the seal suppose to go in? The lips facing out or in. I obviously haven't pulled the old one out, but it has the lips facing in.

Is it supposed to be like that or like in this thread.





I just talked to Ned Walters, his son Brian rides a CR135 and 144 in WYNOA HS series. Primary gears just slide off and seal goes smooth side out.


Easier said than done I guess...Thanks Norm for the quick help.

Any tricks of the trade to get these F'ers off.:thumbsup: The manual states pull the .... off whilst showing an ungloved hand effortlessly sliding the first gear off.:moon:

I wouldn't dare try to pry them off, the surrounding metal is too soft and I wouldn't want to damage anything anyway. It took me all of 30 mins to get this far and now one step from getting to the problem I can't make any headway( in another 2.5hrs).

I have been grasping the gear with a cloth and pulling as hard as I can, to the point I'm lifting the bike off the ground and they won't budge. I gave the shaft and gears several good coatings of WD and scraped off what appeared to be dried up grease off the shaft, but still no go.

The good news is there virtually no play up/down or side to side on the flywheel, so the bottom end should be good to go for a while.

Thanks in advance.


Any luck? Ned says to try a battery clamp uller on the small gear or pry gently between the two. You have to get the small one first.

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