The truth about CAW

I am the former track man from CAW. I had to quit do to there lack of desire to keep the riders safe and satisfied. I was not allowed to maintain the tracks unless someone got hurt. I was only givin small oportunities to update anything on the tracks.And from someone who knows the owners. They were quoted as saying "they could care less about the riders as long as they pay to get in".

I have held back from saying anything because I did not want to come off as a discruntle employee. But I am hearing more and more about how dissatified the riders are that go there. I hate to hear of people drive for miles to go there only to find out what it is like. I am recomending Durham Town, TNT, Brushy mountain, Hope this helps save some money for my fellow riders/racers. about your can of worms. :thumbsup:

I predict this is going to become an interesting thread.

I have to say that the few times I went to CAW we had a wonderful time. It was the only place I can think of that had beginner 4 wheeler trails for the wife that were one way. She felt safe and never intimidated there. The people (employees/owners) that I dealt with were always friendly. The trails were always maintained to an acceptable level, considering some of the heavy rains. The kids went Christmas eve and had a blast. For my family it was well worth the 3 1/2 hour drive from Sanford. Mine is only one opinion but I never had any issues there. We even rented 4 wheelers for my kids there and had no problems.


I am glad to hear you and your family had a good time. It would be great to hear that they had changed there ways. I will agree with the fact that the employees are freindly. But I am curious if you ever got on any of the tracks. From the statements I have heard that is where most of the problem lies. It is also where most of my issues were. As for trail maintenance it seems that bikes and sport quads are the ones having problems in the trails.

We need more riding places so it would be awsome to here that things are getting better.

If you don't mind me asking how many times have you gone.

From the time we found out about the place until we moved back to Colorado in September we went 5 times I think. I was by no means a "regular". That and I do tend to stay away from MX tracks, I think I may have gone out on the track once. I enjoyed the single track there too much. No one ever rode it so it was pristine. My bikes never had problems on the trails, mostly due to the fact that they are one way, but never any issues that weren't self created. I could see where some sport quads may have problems on the harder trails due to some incredibly deep ruts, but again those were after heavy rains. In comparison to other places I was able to go with my wife (she was a beginner) this place was her favorite. We tried Busco Beach, Brown Mountain, The Speed Compound and our backyard. She always wanted to go back to CAW. Not trying to start anything and safety should definitely be a priority on any track owners list, but there were some great improvements as far as amenities go right before we moved west. They had opened up the bath house, the snack bar, and started running the shop inside where you could get gear or parts. It really is too bad to hear about your experience with them, but I would say that when I get back to the east coast that is one of the first places I want to go ride, along with Brushy and Brown Mtn.

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