Did my "must do" mods, everything went well!

Tore into my "new to me" 2000 DRZs with about 2500 miles on it. I'm pretty new to bikes so it was all a learning process but even with my limited skills & help of the FAQ's and how-to's got it all done.

Did the 3x3 mod, J-D jet kit (155 mj, 22.5 pilot, blue needle 4th clip at 1200 feet elevation). Helped alot, runs & idles better, much crisper throttle. Still stock exhaust but it's a lot better and for my type of riding (sissy-style), it's just great.

Did the free power mod, opened my cases and did the loctite fixes on the primary & stator/clutch bolts. None of mine were loose, at all, but it's nice to know that they're taken care of and it wasn't a big deal to do....was due for oil & coolant anyway so it was just one more thing to do during that process.

The only thing left is the swingarm pivot & steering stem diassembly & relube....will tear into that this week but so far it's been easy to get everything done and I sure appreciate all the hard work & great advice here on TT that's given me and countless other noob's a chance to roll up their sleeves and learn something! So, thanks to everyone that did the writeups, you're the tops!

Don't forget the counter sprocket loctite fix.

You'll sleep better tonight knowing that you have that out of the way.

Don't forget the counter sprocket loctite fix.

Previous owner did that, I checked it and it's still tight.

The guys on here can answer pretty much anything. I started digging into my DRZ a year ago because of this site, and now it just gets worse and worse (next stop, big bore).


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