Is lose of a little motor oil normal ?

Every 2 practice about 15 laps each in a track size and type as Glen Helen, My 06 CRF 450's lose about 100 cc of motor oil :moon: . I look at the little glass window and it's down about half way between H And the middle line. I always fill it to H line bike on the stand level. I use 20w 50 SG quality cars motor oil :thumbsup: . The bike does not smoke at all, Does not smell oily, Starts fine, Good power, good comp ( Kick starter test ). What you all think ? Can it be leaking out during the H RPM ? It does not leak when parked because I put news papar under it to test and it's dry. It's a little oily around the cam chain adjuster and oil filter. Hope it's nothing serious and you all can give me a quick fix for it :moon:

Check the level in the trans. You may have a bad seal in the case and its pushing the oil into the trans. If youre adding 100cc's you could end up doing that several times before it became a huge problem in the trans prior to an oil change when you'd go back to normal levels again.

Id drain the trans and check the amount. Try to remember where you set the level before, so youve got a reference to the drained amount.

Thanks Shawn. No it's not leaking in to the trans. Any other idea ?

OK, It's either leaking, transferring to the other side or being burnt. You say it's not leaking or transferring (usually the transfer is the other way), the only thing left is that it's being burnt. But consider this. I've noticed on mine that the sight glass varies quite a bit depending on angle and time since shutting it down. I've seen mine look over full to low then just right, in the same day.

If it's being burnt it's either valve seals or piston rings. Valve seals are easy to change, rings are another story.

Good luck.

have you considered that the engine does need to be completely full? the level is supposed to be between the H and L marks.

im not saying thats whats happening, but if i were you i would fill it to exactly halfway between H and L and see if it still does the same thing

Valve seals ? Are they on top of the valve guide ? One thing I should tell you all, I found some leak around the valve ( Cam ) chain adjuster behind the engine. So, I took the cover out and cleaned the gasket and put some red silicone sealer on both sides. I hope this was it. I will find out this weekend. Tool, I do exactly that and I'm very sensitive about being accurate, Specially at oil stuff. Will let you all know. Thanks.

From my very breif experience with an '06, it did seem like it would drop to the half way point in the sight glass and then stabilize. ??????

if you run it full they will blow some oil into the air box.they like the oil level half to three fourths. hope this helps

I normaly keep the level like you all said, below the full line. The first time I've noticed the oil loss was after the secound ride before washing my bike. I was so lucky. I could not see any oil in the view glass with the bike level :bonk: If I would have gone for another ride with that oil level, You know what I could've experienced :bonk: I just hope it's all over with :bonk:

Went for a ride today and just want to let you pals know that It's gone :bonk: I was right, It was the leak from the cam chain adjuster bolts. So, make sure you check yours frequently. It mostly from the 2 small screws ( Around it ). I'm happy :bonk:

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