Defective water pump impeller shaft?

My 03 has only 3 good rides after the break in. I have meticulously changed the oil and filter as recommended after every ride, including break in. I was warming the engine before draining the fluids, when I noticed coolant was dripping from the pump weep hole. I took the bike to the local dealer the next morning and dropped it off. They called later in the afternoon to tell me that there was a coating on the impeller shaft that appeared to be peeling away, and had torn one of the seals. The mechanic said that he had never seen this before and that the part appeared to be a defect from the factory. After this news, the service manager hits me with the whole "race equipment, absolutely no warranty" issue. This bike is practically brand new still, and is in the shop for what is most likely a bad part from the factory. The salesman who sold the bike to me said that he will call their Honda rep to see if there is anything that they can do for me. I will be greatly disappointed if they don't.

Has anyone else experienced this problem with a impeller shaft before. I am hoping it is an unusual problem.

I have also had a bad seal in my water pump, but mine was the oil seal, and it came after 8 months of riding. I was leaking tranny oil from my weep hole and had water in my tranny also. When I got the seals out I couldn't see any thing wrong withe either one of them ,bit there was some scoring on the shaft where the seals rested. the bearing and the impeller looked fine. I put in new water and oil seals, pump cover gaskit and replaced the shaft. Haven't ridden yet (will go this Sunday) but ran it in the garage and every thing was fine. It was about $30.00 in parts with the shaft $20.00 of that.(from Service Honda) and 1 hours time.

I had the water seal start leaking on my 2003 CRF450 after about 2 months of riding. It would only leak when the bike was first started for the day and once the bike warmed up it would stop. I only replaced the water pump seal. Now, a month later, it is doing the same thing again. I haven't torn it apart yet to inspect, but I plan on going ahead and buying the water pump shaft, bearing, oil seal, water seal and sealing washer. Hopefully, that will eliminate the problem.

I had this same problem. Literaly just 5 minutes after I brought my bike home I had it out in the yard and I was going to do a quick little break in. That is when I noticed the coolant dripping from the weep-hole. I called the dealership and they said I can run the bike and see if it fixes itself or bring it back in. I brought it back in and they replaced the seal. They jsut stated that they replaced the seal and did not tell me anything about if the impellar was rubbing it though.

I would be leary about the leak going away after the engine warms up. Is the seal fixed or is the coolant just evaporating from the engine heat?

I am glad someone else mentioned this, I thought my bike was just a freak accurance. Any future problems and I'll be sure to get ahold of Honda themselves.

My seal went out on my 02 crf after 10 months. Easy and cheap fix.

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