Brake pad replacement

Im replacing the pads on my crf but I cant get enough clearance between the new rear pads to slide them over the rotor. I cant get the thing that applies the pressure to the pads to go back in. why?

Crack the bleeder screw on the caliper and push the piston in at the same time. Use a rag to catch the spill off. Check the level once the new pads are in. Top up as needed. Pump the brakes up and crack the bleeder while holding pressure on the lever or pedal allowing some fluid to escape as the lever or pedal travels through it's stroke. Close the bleed screw before you release the lever or pedal. Do this a few times while maintaining the fluid level in the reservoir. Do not let it go down too far or air will enter.

Chances are someone topped off the level when the pads were worn so now when you push the piston back there is no place for the fluid to go to.


thanks a bunch supermoto!!

You're most welcome.



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