Holly CRAP....what a pain????

To start off I'm a 48 years old some what over weight (260). I've started walking and lifting small weights again. Two weeks ago I sat down to eat supper and I got one bit down when my left shoulder started hurting so bad that I could not eat. I took a Advil (800 mg) and got by the night. This pain comes and go's but not as bad until the last two nights. This pain is now moved to my back and rib cage under that left arm. If I breath deep or cough it fells like a dull knife jabed my ribs. Theres very little pain when I stand but, who can stand all night???

I started to go to the ER but I didn't want to pay the $200 office call. I'm trying to wite until Monday morning.

I was thing this may be plurasey but my wife said something about a blockage.

Have any of you had this and what was it????

Agonizing pain in the shoulder is either a heart attack or calcific tendonitis. It it got better with Advil, its probably tendonitis.

You need to see your doc.

I'm going tomorrow but, as I breath deep it hurts more. I can't lay down or even set back in my lazy chair... I've hurt my shoulder and it's not the same.

It's more like a lung thing....

dnt b cheap man go to the doctor plz

could be a spontaneous pneumothorax.

Get a chest X-ray today!

I had pluaracy caused by coughing too hard when i was younger. It hurt just like you ar describing and was the worst if i took a deep breath. Iwas even brought to tears a few times. I ended up going to the ER and they gave a antibiotic Rx i believe. It cleared up on its own.

see this is funny to me because im 16 and some time i get what u guys are geting...and OMG it hurts so fing bad.

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