spark arrestor

Hi. Is there a way to seperate the spark arrestor from the chrome end cap without breaking it? I noticed there are 3 spot welds where the cap and the arrestor join. I want to be able to refit the arrestor when i go to sell the bike. Im actually trying to make the bike louder so i can hear it over other bikes and it looks a lot better with the chrome cap installed. 01 xr250. Cheers

Leave the spark arrestor alone. Most of us are trying to quiet the bikes down while keeping the power. You want to make noise.

Get an aftermarket exhaust like Pro-Circuit T4 or FMF T-Max.

You can get a aftermarket diffuser for the bike also. Just take the tiny holed end cap off. The spark Arrestor does little for the noise level anyway. If you relieve the back pressure too much you will lean the bike out to where you will have problems with running and overheating. Plan on rejetting. Contact Geoff Ballard at Ballard's XR's Only there in Oz.



I have to agree with Dwight. Though I would say, if you want an obnoxiously loud bike, get a Harley.

Also, I keep reading about fires in Australia. With all of the fires, tampering with a spark arrestor would be the last thing I would do.

You can look at us as a bunch of grumpy old guys in America or long time motorcycle riders who have watched numerous riding areas get closed down due to loud motorcycles.

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