its time for new tires

The original tires on my 04 taco 4x4 are pretty much done. With snowboarding season coming soon its time for some new rubber. What have you guys had on your tacos before that handled well in snow as well as around town. I was thinking of the bridgestone dueler revo

Nokian "Vatiiva" great all around tire and great in snow! I have them on a

2 wheel drive van and they are great in MN snow.

BFG All-Terrain T/A

Great snow traction, quiet, long lasting.

On my taco i like cheese and lettuce o ya and lots of salsa

I 2nd the BFG ATs i had them on my ranger and they were great.

I ran BFG KO's exclusevly on a Cherokee. Once I put some Toyo open country A/T's on the montero and never went back to the BFG stuff. The Toyo's were a harder compound so they lasted longer. I didn't think they were better in the mud, but snow and wet traction on the roads were much better than the BFG's.

I've got BFG A/T's on my Tundra. They do everything great. :thumbsup:

cool. thanks for your input guys!

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