Head Cleanup on Partial Rebuild

After putting 70 hours on my used 04 250f I am putting in some new parts. The exact hours are unknown but the previous owner stated that he had only checked valves and never shimmed, I would guess that we have at least150 hours on the stock parts. The bike has always started easily and run well. My last valve check shows the center intake just below spec., the rest are good. I plan to shim the center intake and install a new piston, rings, & cam chain. The internals look very good....the cylinder looks very nice and will get a light hone. The original piston still looks in good shape and shows no sign of abnormal wear.

As this will be the first time any of the valves are shimmed I am confident that I do not need to replace any other valve train parts. I plan to clean the head dome with a scotch brite pad. Realizing that the valve faces can't be touched with the scotch brite what can I do to remove the combustion deposits from the faces of the valves.....or.....do I just leave the deposits on them??



It's fine to leave the carbon, on the pre-'05 heads it's actually a good idea. Helps keep the compression up.

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